We are grateful to all members and non-members who choose to make a donation to the Hertford and Stortford Constituency Conservative Association and to the wider Conservative Party.

Making a Donation

Donations can be made towards a certain project, an election or to be used for any purpose. Donations are covered by the Political Parties, Elections and Referendum Act 2000 (PPERA) and anyone donating to the Association must comply with the following:

  • You must be on the electoral register in the UK (excluding Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) in order to make a donation of more than £500.

  • If you donate more than £7,500 (in a year) then we have to report the donation to the Electoral Commission who will publish that you have donated more than £7,500.


Donate Using Paypal

You can make a donation to the Association using your credit or debit card by using Paypal.