Prisk backs new rights for carers

Mark Prisk, the Conservative candidate for Hertford & Stortford, is calling for carers to exercise their new legal rights. In April, the Carers Act becomes law, providing personal assessments and targeted support for carers and their dependents.

As an MP, Mark Prisk lobbied and voted for the changes in the law at Westminster. He is now campaigning to encourage carers in East Herts to exercise their rights.

“Carers have new rights, but many people don’t know about them. I want to ensure that every carer knows about their new rights and how to get the support they need. I am determined to work with local charities and community groups to make sure that every carer knows how to get the help they deserve.”

Mark is working with local charities and Carers in Hertfordshire to ensure as many carers as possible now take advantage of this new system. If re-elected he intends to campaign in Carers Week in June to encourage every eligible carer to get the help they need.