New Enterprise Allowance helping people in Hertford and Stortford to get off benefits and start their own business

Local Conservatives have welcomed new figures showing that 100 people in East Herts have been helped off benefits and supported to start their own business thanks to the Government’s New Enterprise Allowance scheme.


The allowance – which supports people on out of work benefits to start their own business – has helped more than 73,000 people across the country set up businesses since it was introduced in April 2011.


The support available to people starts with help from a business mentor to develop their business idea. Then, once they have got the business up and running, and have moved off benefits, they are eligible for 26 weeks of financial support as they get their business going.


It’s great news that 100 people in Hertford and Stortford have been helped to get off benefits and realise their dream of starting their own business and being their own boss. This is because small businesses are a hugely important part of our community and vital to local jobs.


Supporting small businesses is an important part of the Conservative Government’s commitment to backing working people. We all want to see everyone, in all parts of the country, benefit from the opportunities being created by our growing economy and it’s this Conservative Government that is committed to supporting people, regardless of their background or where they are from, who want to work hard and get on. There’s more to do, but new job these businesses create in East Herts represents another family with the security and dignity of regular work and a regular pay packet.