Budget: good for workers, savers & pensioners

Today’s Budget will help workers, savers and pensioners across East Herts, according to Mark Prisk MP. Having listened to the Chancellor’s statement in the House of Commons, Mr Prisk said:


“This Budget helps workers, savers and pensioners. Having turned the economy around, the Chancellor is able to use the strong economy to help reward work, and those who save.


He’s raising tax allowances for low paid workers, helping the self-employed, and helping cash-strapped farmers. He’s helping savers and he’s giving first time buyers a new Help to Buy ISA which will provide £50 from government for every £200 people have saved. And hundreds of local pensioners will benefit from the new freedom to cash in their annuity. This is a sensible long term approach to securing a better future for people in East Herts and across the country.”